On Saturday morning me and Scaz headed down to London on our favourite mode of transport… THE MEGABUS.


The journey was going swimmingly until the last 20 minutes when a hideous man sat behind us decided he’d chew some gum. Never have I ever, heard slops like it. It was HORRIFIC.


After 10 minutes of these dramatic wet sloppy, slapping sound we started making a scene but he still had no idea what was going on. 

We got of the bus, FINALLY and checked into our hotel in Stratford. Good old Travelodge. Immediately we headed out to meet Doulou (our lovely work friend) at Shoreditch high street station.

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^Not so pretty Stratford.

We all ventured to Brick Ln obvs. It was busy as hell obvs. All hungry as hell we decided to go to mine and Scaz’s favourite spot – the The Brick Ln Food Hall. We all had some amazing Chinese food, annoyingly Scaz’s gluten free choice was way tastier than mine and Doulou’s.

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After that we went for bevvy outside at Jujus. I LOVED this place. Me and Doulou got a reunion pic of course. Gorgeous boi.

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The was street art of a cat with horns in a pile of Gucci pilows behind JuJu’s.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 presetProcessed with VSCO with dog3 preset

All was hunky dory in JuJu’s until a fucking wasp stung me on my arm at JuJu’s. The FIRST time I’ve ever been calm around a wasp and it poisons my arm. I’ve not been the same since.

Being on Brick Ln, me and Scaz could NOT NOT visit the Vintage Market only 1 minute away.

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Doulou in his element.

I didn’t even buy anything – self-appreciation moment. After trying everything on in the vintage market we set off to Scarlett’s sisters boat located in Angel. On route we got side-tracked by the graffiti street – our last Brick Ln stop.

We arrived at the boat and were greeted by Scarlett’s sister and her boyfriend and Scarlett’s mum and her partner.

Because it was such a warm evening we sat outside of the boat on the canal side on the public seating and began a canal party set up.

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Yellow Tail Pino in tiny mugs.

Meet Otto the boat cat…

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Black cats are the cutest.

The pizza oven came out and then the party really began…

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Unfortunately the rain shortly followed so we retreated under a massive tree which saved our lives that night.

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We were joined by a drunken lovely man called Patrick under the tree. He was fed like a king. Here’s florescent Patrick…


It was literally a mint evening – basic components of good company, food and drink – expensive restraunts are over rated. My TESCO pizza was worthy of some michelin star’s. That’s the wine talking.

Barge party lighting

But the night was STILL YOUNG. As we were only in London for 2 nights we decided to make the most of it and head out into the toooon.

I got properly dressed up in this Topshop old LBD. You can get away with it in LDN. 

Scaz kept pouring the strongest and most disgusting drinks before we went out.

“When I prepare a drink, prepare to get fucked” Scarlett Uttley – 11.08.2018

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This is the first time I’d worn heels in months and I was DYING. I think I’ve decided I’ve retired from heels all together.

SUSHISAMBA has been on my LDN bucket list for some time so I gave Scaz and Doulou no choice in it being our first destination for the evening.


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I finally got to see the huge orange glowy tree on the terrace. Half magical and half pretentious. Either way it was a lovely sight.
Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset
The company was even lovelier.
Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset
That time I got blinded by flash.

An incredibly flashy and expensive place. Definitely worth visiting if you have some ££££. Thanks Scaz for handling the round supporting my new life as a broke student. Love you.

The view on the stairs.

After 1 drink and a few pictures we left and headed to Dirty Dicks. It was rammed and booming with some RnB which got Doulou doing some criminal dancing – It was fabulous.

Still in the mood to party we walked a hell of a long way to Club Aquarium – after establishing on google that it was the latest closing place around. They tried to beg £15 from us to get in so we called it a night in true stingy Yorkshire style.

I’m glad we called it a night then cause we wouldn’t have had as much fun at the bus stop if we hadn’t. There were 2 people basically having sex opposite the bus stop, 2 lads passing ended up sitting with us to observe the live red light show. Then me and Scaz met flower shirt man. I miss that posh twat.



This time it was Anjunadeep Open Air. Anjunadeep is Above and Beyond and James Grants’ independent record label. They’ve helped release a range of timeless soulful and melodic electronic music with the likes of Dusky, Yotto, Cubicolor, Lane 8 and Croquet Club.


Scarlett very kindly let me wear her spare floral dress as I was insanely jealous when she put hers on and I saw the potential to look ridiculously Coachella with her.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 presetProcessed with VSCO with dog3 preset

We weren’t the only over the top souls at Anjunadeep though…

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

There was such a good crowd, quite an old crowd which was fab. That’s when you know it’s good music!! Trust the oldies. 

The whole event was a sick set up, there were food vans everywhere, the perfect little hill to sit n chill on, shit loads of clean toilets and of course an amazing stage.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

These people got it right…

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

On the hill Scarlett leaked that she’d wrote me a poem since I left her and my place of work last week. Here’s a preview – the rest is too much soz.

Honor and her extravagant flair
walking around with her pink hair
I wrote you a poem to express
my gratitude,
of your sexy ass and
your awesome attitude

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

I welled up so much after reading it all. Totally didn’t expect anything from her like that. But she blows my mind all the time – I have one amazing best mate. 


We didn’t look that cool all day though as there were a fair few showers throughout the day. Have you ever seen 2 Florence n the Machine looking birds skank in ponchos in the rain? Anjunadeep has.

The whole day was amazing and the music was insane, Jody’s and James B2B set was probably my favourite as well as YOTTO’s. Gutted I missed Ben Bohmer cause we were hungover in the hotel lol but he’s defiantly on my hit list.


On our way back to the hotel we were asked if we were prostitutes by some fairly serious lads, whilst we were dressed in Ponchos. SNM, I kicked off.

After refuelling and getting changed out of the extra dresses, we went straight to Fabric.

We unnecessarily but so necessarily danced for hours and hours. My legs still kill. But it was so fuckin worth it. I loved every second of Fabric, apart from a dude that tried to boogie with us that had actual shit breath. I’ll never forget that smell.

What an AMAZING weekend. Can we do this every weekend?

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  1. My rock and roll Cheyenne died 2 weeks ago… on her 15th birthday. Poor little thing had been with renal failure and hypothyroidism for about a year.

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