I promise this is the LAST festival I will speak of, of all of 2018.


My summer has ended on an absolute high with Sunday @ Creamfields. I was honestly trying to resist for SO long but Emma is the fooking DEVIL. As soon as she sent through the line-up for the Sunday day there was no way I couldn’t be there.

Pure heaven.

Some of our festival family / circle of trust had worked the Thurs night at Cream and were staying in Staff camping for the rest of the weekend. So we decided to surprise them.


I secured cream ticket for 80 squid off the weirdest lad in L’pool.

“I got your back girl” – Weirdest guy in L’Pool on Whatsapp (25.08.2018)

And we were on our way!!! I got all glittered up again for one last time.



There was absolutely no point in making outfit efforts due to the horrendous forecast for the day of pure rank rain. 

And when we got there I could report that…

giphy (1)

Me and Emma boozed it up in the car at like 11am to get as pissed as humanly possible before having to buy drinks in there lol. It worked. We were STEAMING. We legged it in wellies and ponchos through the empty arena, trying to find Jack and Ian who were in on our surprise plan.

They snook us into Staff camping – soz – and we planned our extra arrival. As it was pissing it down both Sally and Steph / sequin sisters / members of circle of trust were in Sally’s tent getting ready. Me and Emma screamed STOVE ARE YOU AN APPLIANCE, full Bridesmaids and Tomorrowland style and we absolutely shit them up.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

As me and Emma were only there for 1 day we wanted to make the most out of the day in the arena so we shot off to go see the earlier shit that was going on. Our schedule was busy:

14:00-15:00 Anton Powers


Me and Emma were legless and were pulling all sorts of ridiculous moves right at the front and we spotted a dude with a camera. This dude was trying to get some crowd action shots and all he will have got was me and Emma doing this…

giphy (2)

BUT in ponchos and not even 2% as sexy lol.

14:20-15:50 Cristoph


Sick start to the day in Steel Yard. In the Steel Yard we found a group from Creamfields social that we’ve crossed paths with previously on a shit tone of events – especially Emma. This guys are 10/10, like unbelievable amounts of fun.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 presetProcessed with VSCO with dog3 presetIMG_2645

15:50-17:20 Adam Beyer

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Adam Beyer was definitely one of my major highlights, his set was absolutely incredible. But then shit went a bit west for me and Emma on the way to Oliver Heldens…


17:00-18:30 Oliver Heldens

Me n Steph were READY.

Oli did great of course, he’s just the absolute best, no-one is ever sad in a Oliver Heldens crowd. Of course I got my flag out – Yes I have a flag with Oli’s face on and it’s my favourite possession. 


18:30-20:00 Alesso

My friends had lost me at this point, I don’t know whether I went or didn’t to be honest I just remember bouncing around loads of stages with this angel Brad.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

19:30-21:00 Fat Boy Slim


20:00-21:30 Cosmic gate


tenor (1)

Sally and Emma had their fingers down my throat for 1/2 and the other 1/2 I was unresponsive but totally lost in a good time dancing I think….

21:00-23:00 Martin Garrix

I came back to life…

It’s kinda rude not to watch Garrix or Tiesto at Cream to close cause they have the sickest stages and crowds. Garrix was actually mega to be fair. We snook off a bit to see Tiesto but all I have is 2 words – dog shit.

Processed with VSCO with c6 presetProcessed with VSCO with c6 preset

21:00-23:00 Sven Vath

Personal highlight. I’m so glad me and Emma snook off for a bit to check out Papa Sven closing as well. Honestly it was class.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

22:30-23:00 back to Martin Garrix – Fireworks close

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Then just like that it’s all fookin OVER! Quickest and most steaming day of my life. 

Mine and Emma’s bank holiday Monday was grim – shout out to her for even being able to control a car safely lol. We had to pull over at one point so I could vom on a country road with a crowd of sheep staring at my pale face.

Here’s a cheeky before and after of Silly Sunday vs Minging Monday.

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