So I don’t know whether this is a breakdown or a positive realisation but I am completely done with Social Influencing. 

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Social Media Influencing, overall actually makes you addicted to your phone. I personally really resist being on my phone 24/7 as I recognise it’s unhealthy and I’m more interested in other things in life.

I don’t want to be wearing an outfit just so that I can take a picture in it and share where it’s from. Find your own style people. I don’t want to be at a music event etc. and feel like I have to be taking photos NON-stop to fill content for my blog, share on Instagram and link up all my outfits. It all means absolutely NOTHING.


I literally realised at Tomorrowland how ridiculous it was. One of my favourite opportunities with influencing of recent was working with Elsie and Fred. They sent me some UNREAL pieces to promote in Tomorrowland which of course sounds like a bit of a dream. But the reality was way more annoying and in some ways embarrassing. You have to have it in the back of your mind whilst your in the best place on earth, that you need to get good photos and look good all the time. I just wanted to enjoy the moment I was in and worrying about getting good photos BRINGS YOU DOWN. 

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I find it really hideous asking friends to take pictures of you. Sometimes they must just think you’re a dickhead. They must see anything you say or any excuse you make to them as “take a pic of me for the people please, the people want to see my outfit”. Who do you think you are hun? Are you even having a good time? Having a photoshoot whilst your fave DJ on is absolute NONSENSE. 

I love fashion anyway and to be honest I’d always make effort with my outfits to look funky on a daily basis or for festivals. However one day at a festival I’d love to get some minging shorts on and a tee shirt, no make-up and hair up in a greasy bun and it not matter in my head. I’m trapped in the influencing ways of feeling like I can’t have a half arsed look, which is bullshit.


My love for fashion and photography is what lead me naturally into a path online of influencing but I want to focus on the 2 without having to impress others all the time. Sign me out of having a duty to excite and inspire others, that pressure is nae good for anyone’s head.


I want the purpose of all my online content to be for me and to better me as a person. My blogs will still continue to talk about holidays, festivals, music events and social events with my friends but I want to talk more and open up more. I will NOT be promoting beauty or fashion brands. I will be promoting my own development into a fashion related career and it will be on my own terms. 

I’m closed for Spiritual Maintenance.


36 thoughts on “I QUIT Social Media “Influencing”

      1. I don’t know you but it would take a lot of convincing to make me think you’re a fool. Rock on… and keep giving back to those in your life who care about you. Or don’t
        Free choice is everything

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  1. That’s a very nice a goal and I totally agree with you!! I always kind of feel guilty when I ask my friends to take photos of me so I actually rarely do it. I used to ask my sister to do it cause she is into fashion and loves photography so that didn’t bother her but now that I moved out, I have no one to ask to and I don’t want to bother other people! And I am never on my phone when I attend a concert, it’s just so stupid, I wanna enjoy my time there, not waste it on my phone!!

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  2. This is such a refreshing read! I only started my blog a few months back and really as a place to document stuff for looking back on but I already have those thoughts of, oh my god I haven’t put a post up in a week. Couldn’t deal with actually having people expect a level of commitment from me that I can’t maintain. Well done you for being realistic!

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    1. You drive yourself crazy don’t you! Don’t worry about ever having to roll out a certain amount of blog. Quality over quantity and your blogs will be 1000% better if your content isn’t rushed and is true to you! Thank you for your comment!!! Keep blogging on your terms X

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  3. Good for you, Honor! I’m sorry you feel like you’ve been sucked into a negative habit, but I’m glad you’re putting your foot down and doing what YOU want (: I love taking photos for a forever reminder of good times and I know you’ve got that in spades xoxo

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    1. Such a negative habit!! I am taking control of it 100%. Absolutely of course I love the memories and photography a the absolute best to keep memories in order – just don’t need to force sharing it on instagram all the time do we! And definitely not have an expectation of how good the post should be. Shouldn’t be impressing anyone but yourself! X

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  4. I, too, am done with the, “If you didn’t Instagram it, did it really happen?” movement too. Life is for the living. Sometimes it’s more fun to just live in the moment and not obsess over how to package it for an audience.

    I try not to go places nor do things with “friends” that grunt about snapping a few pictures or always take shitty pics so I stop asking (passive aggressive, much?). The reality of my sitch is that I DO have a blog that I enjoy maintaining and as my friend, would it kill you to just take a few pics??! I’m not above bringing a tripod to do what you refuse to. [This is new-found self confidence, btw. I decided to try being absolutely shameless and see how far that gets me, lol.]

    I’m proud of you for recognizing that your alignment is off. When you feel like it, take pics that you love. Post shit you believe in. Share the art that you have inside. 💕

    Dom |

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  5. Good for you!!! 💖💖 It would be challenging and time consuming to have to worry about who’s outfit you’re wearing when and who’s going to be around to take the picture! Be who you want to be, where what you want to wear!! 💖💖


  6. Hey friend. Social media influencing is the worst! Be happy with who you are. Don’t waste time trying to impress others. Obviously you have good taste in style. You don’t have to tell people you look nice if you feel nice. It’s the inside that counts. Hope you’re happy. Sorry I haven’t read many of your post in a while. It’s hard to stay in touch when so many blogs clog up the feed. Your one of my favorite bloggers xo.

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  7. Stay happy girl! I feel you now I think I doing the same… sometimes life is weird but people are more weird ( they like to said what they see but they don’t know the true, but you know what no matter how you still have me ! ) Love

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  8. “I want to focus on the 2 without having to impress others all the time. Sign me out of having a duty to excite and inspire others, that pressure is nae good for anyone’s head”

    OMG. This. Seriously. The world’s biggest high five for this statement (and the entire post tbh).

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  9. I just read this and I can relate SO MUCH. I deleted my Instagram because of how obsessed I became with creating “accepting” content and I lost myself for a bit. I’ve been doing a social media cleanse, but I am so glad that there is someone to relate to. Thanks for posting.

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  10. I love your words and I completely agree. I too stopped social influencing and deleted my instagram account. I found it so toxic and negative. I want to enjoy life the real way, before social media people lived in real life not through a screen, and before we all grew up and got caught up in the apps we lived in the moment.

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