I’m back! It’s been bloody 5 weeks since my last blog and what a drop of the mic that one was. I officially spread the word that I was done with social media influencing and was ready for my new start. In that time I’ve settled into my first year of university which has resulted in an immense life change for me!

Can we just talk for a second about the struggle city which is “student life”? I don’t mean the scrimping and saving, which isn’t exactly ideal like. I mean the balance between learning and partying?


New city, new mates and first time moving out? It’s all a tasty recipe for a fat never ending party! I’ve come here to finally start the career I want and put in 1903830% effort into this EXPENSIVE, and to me, highly fascinating course. And I’ve just been raving.

People, mainly students, constantly say like wee robots “first year doesn’t count”. Fucking hell it counts mentally – you can’t just piss up a whole year and get into bad bad habits and then expect all to be hunky dory in second year. It’ll hit you like a mean girls bus. 


I’ve been taking some time-management online tests to help me structure the days that I’m not in Uni or working, cause i’m finding it hard to find motivation. I’ve started a daily planner to ensure that my to do list is conquered. By setting myself very achievable daily goals, I don’t feel behind at all. And if I fall behind it’s very easy to tell what needs to be done by when. So I can justify nights out and the party too as it’s a lot easier to catch up!

I’ve taken myself off Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Social Media is the worst of the worst for distractions. I’m trying to use my Instagram and WordPress to help me in my fashion course development not distract me from it. I’m currently still working on my withdrawals from Netflix though, this I believe will be an ongoing struggle. 

giphy (5)

I’ve noticed that a lot of people on my course and students I’ve met a long the way since starting, don’t have part time jobs either. Having my new bar job is helping me LOADS with getting this balance right between partying and learning. Working a couple of nights a week is the best excuse in the world to miss out on a bit of partying. Working and earning your own money is good for your soul and distresses you instantly. I couldn’t even deal without having a job I’d lose my mind, it’s not another way to help form a routine.

giphy (7)

Those are just a few things I’ve established are helping me at the moment, as the fresher excuse doesn’t work anymore. I’m really trying not to take it too seriously and still see this as an opportunity to enjoy being a student, meeting new people, going out etc. but getting the balance right is key. The guilt of missing some days has eaten me alive and I feel committed to not fucking this up lol.

4 thoughts on “Learn Vs Party – The Uni Battle

  1. University can be so stressful, it’s programmed to suck our souls. But finding a balance is the best way to do that and it seems like you got things under control. Good luck as you pursue your dreams. 💋❤

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