When I started blogging I’d have called myself a “fashion blogger”. Lol. I’ve learnt more about fashion in this first few months of university than I ever knew in my 21 years of being a shitty consumer of fashion.

My whole understanding and perception of the fashion industry has changed and the way I now buy clothes is so different. 


I was admittedly a girl so caught up in the culture of fast fashion blogging and Instagram shit that I would buy something, wear it once, get a sick wee selfie, share it and then SELL that something. Because omg “you can’t wear it twice”. 

This mentality is so fooked I can’t even tell you. I’m actually ashamed of myself and the way I’ve been going about blogging and sharing fashion with everyone over the past few years. 

I regret selling my clothes and the stories they have with them. All my festival, summer and amazing social event outfits have been on sick adventures and I should have them. When I was wee my mum used to show me her old platforms heels, Dr. Martens and crazy dresses she wore in the 80’s etc. Like WTF where has this love for clothes gone. My stuff is now in the hands of someone stranger through depop or in a flippin landfill!




A massive contributor to my “turn” I felt towards fashion was watching Clothes To Die For. 50 hard minutes to watch but so important that we all do!

Old Ona:

  • Buy once and sell
  • Buy without a care where my clothes are produced
  • Bin clothing without understanding where that will end up

New Ona:

  • Fuck you depop
  • Buy majority second hand or if new consider who produced it and where
  • Reduce clothing waste by not buying things for a one time wear and fix broken garments

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter after OIL. It’s worse than actual chemical manufacturing for gods sake. I am making wee steps to reducing my personal print on the fashion industry as ethically and positively as possible. 

4 thoughts on “Interest In Who Made Your Clothes?

  1. I had to do a bit of economics at uni a while back (still not entirely sure what that has to do with forensic psychology) and one of the things we focused on was fashion supply chain issues. It busted my head so hard. I knew there were sort of unethical and not-so-great things going on but I honestly had no idea how monumentally terrible the fast fashion industry was. I’ve never really been into buying lots of clothes but it’s definitely made me think more about the few things I am buying.

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    1. It is so hard to comprehend isn’t it! My research also has just put a few things into perspective it’s important to think more about what we’re buying – time to wake up the world isn’t it! Thanks for your comment !

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